What do I need?

To use MultiSync for Cloud with Apple’s iCloud®, you just need

  • your Apple ID (email address) and
  • an app-specific password for MultiSync.

If you don’t have an app-specific password yet, log in to your iCloud account and generate an app-specific password.

Always use this app-specific password for MultiSync! Your iCloud account password will not be accepted by iCloud (when it comes from a third-party app like MultiSync for Cloud).

How to generate an app-specific password

Support for Reminders

If you want to have your Reminders (tasks) synchronized with your Android device, install the free OpenTasks app (by Marten Gajda). On Android 5.x and below, you have to install OpenTasks before MultiSync for Cloud, otherwise it won’t work due to Android permission system limitations.

CalDAV support for Reminders has been removed by Apple. It may be supported for legacy accounts until you “Upgrade” the Reminders with iOS 13 or newer.

Add the Account

  1. Install and open MultiSync for Cloud on your Android device.
  2. Click the “+” button on the right bottom.
  3. Enter your Apple ID and password (see above) and tap “Login”.
  4. If you login data were correct, verify the account name (best choice: Apple ID) and then choose “Create account”.
  5. Open the account in MultiSync for Cloud.
  6. Select what you want to have synchronized.
  7. Optional: Choose “Account settings” in the action menu and set synchronization interval etc.