Frequently Asked Questions

MultiSync for Cloud is very similar to DAVx⁵. So, having a look at the DAVx⁵ FAQ might give useful ideas.

[Xiaomi, HUAWEI, Sony etc.] Synchronization never starts. How to fix it?

If the synchronization is not run automatically or the sync interval is always set to “manual”, please see DAVx⁵ FAQ: Automatic synchronization is not run as expected (just replace DAVx⁵ by MultiSync).

Why is my iCloud password not accepted?

Since June 2017, iCloud enforces third-party apps like MultiSync (or Thunderbird, Outlook, …) to use an app-specific password instead of the account password for security reasons.

This means that you have to create an app-specific password in your iCloud settings and then use this app-specific password to set up MultiSync for Cloud.

My iCloud Reminders (tasks) are not recognized anymore.

Since iOS 13, CalDAV support for Reminders has been removed when you “Upgrade” Reminders. This affects MultiSync for Cloud, because it uses CalDAV. So if you have “upgraded” Reminders, you won’t be able to synchronize them with MultiSync (or other CalDAV clients) anymore.

When I log in, only calendars/only contacts are recognized.

Sometimes, the DNS entries (SRV records) for CalDAV/CardDAV seem to have problems. In this case, only calendars/only contacts are found by MultiSync.

Most times, it should be enough to delete the account from within MultiSync and then set it up again.

Why are existing contacts not synchronized to iCloud?

MultiSync for Cloud creates a local Android account, where contacts can be stored, and synchronizes this local account with your iCloud® account.

If you have contacts in another local account (for instance, your Google account), those contacts won’t be transferred to iCloud automatically for privacy reasons.

If you really want to move contacts from a local addressbook to your MultiSync for Cloud account (and thus your iCloud account), you may either:

  • use the Android Contacts app to export your contacts from the respective account and then import it into your MultiSync for Cloud account again, or
  • use software like Copy Contacts to copy/move contacts between accounts.

How do I subscribe to a shared iCloud calendar?

MultiSync for Cloud can synchronize your iCloud® account to your Android device. It’s however not made to subscribe to Webcal feeds like the shared calendars of other people.

To subcribe Webcal (.ics) feeds, you can use other apps like ICSx⁵.

Why can’t my license be found although I have bought it?

Thanks for buying a MultiSync for Cloud license. All payment and product information is managed by Google Play, so MultiSync has to query the Play Store app whether the product has been bought, and the Play Store app has to query your Google account.

Sometimes, product information is not available from Play Store, for instance because there’s no Internet connection and the cache has expired. If you’re experiencing license problems although you have bought the license, please try to:

  1. establish an Internet connection, and/or
  2. open Play Store and check whether its Internet connection is working, and/or
  3. restart your device.