App privacy policy

Your login data (Apple ID and password) will only be used for direct communication between your device and Apple® iCloud®.

User name and password are stored using Android’s account manager and not by MulitSync for Cloud itself. To protect your login data, please consider using full-disk encryption.

Contacts, events and tasks are stored by the respective Android content providers and not by MultiSync for Cloud itself. User data won’t be sent to any other service than iCloud.

MultiSync for Cloud doesn’t collect, process or transmit any statistical data like app usage.

Licensing is done using Google Play in-app billing. MultiSync for Cloud won’t get any access to payment details etc.

Web site privacy policy

This Web site (MultiSync for Cloud Web site) doesn’t collect or process personal data.

Visits are logged by the Web server. These logs are only used for maintenance purposes and to generate anonymous access statistics.